14 February 2021


All of our 2020 foals have found great owners; Bonnie (Dreaminbout Gangstas) has left to the Netherlands last fall, the unique colored Fiona (Flamboyant Ice) is about to leave next Monday to Switzerland together with a Quarter horse colt we sold to Germany. Hard to see them babies go again, we never had so friendly fillies like these two; all liked to be around people so far but these two were just extreme. We wish them a successful life with their new owners and hope to see them sometime in a show!

And a long time dream came true for us last fall... have been looking for this guy for ages. Something always failed - either the color, the pedigree, the mind or the body. Sometimes the location (I wasn't really happy about importing a horse from overseas, too much stress for me). So after long e-mailings we came to an agreement: Dusty joined our herd last fall (his own page is in progress) as out future stallion prospect, coming from Germany, out of USA bred, born and raised parents. He has the mind - high foundation bred, lots of Jaz Ranch bred ancestors, Little Steel Dust, Poco Bueno, Blackburn - , the body - as all true foundation bred Quarter horses, they are wide and strong - , the color - grullo -, 6 panel negative and for the icing on the cake - part: homozygous for black and dun. His creme test is in progress as well, we are waiting for the results.

So welcome Dunit In Steeldust! Have a bright future in Hungary!

24 August 2021


On 23 March Moonie gave birth to a strong black colt by Black Gotta Gun. In about 20 hours she lost her life due to afterbirth complications - despite of the quick help of vet, we could not save her. We named her last colt Nawal - means 'full moon' who then was bottle fed and raised by a draft cross. A strong colt Nawal is, a real fighter. Not for sale.