1. Mobsters Dream X Kernow Dash It


Possible colors of foal:

 9.38 % - Amber cream champagne, amber champagne, buckskin splash, bay splash, buckskin, bay, amber cream champagne splash, amber champagne splash

 3.13 % - Sorrel, sorrel splash, palomino, gold cream champagne splash, gold champagne splash, gold cream champagne, gold champagne, buckskin splash



IT'S A GIRL! - Dreaminbout Gangstas






2. All Eyes On Us x Darling Champagne Mgr


Possible colors of foal:

 8.20 % - Amber champagne, buckskin, bay dun, pej, amber cream champagne dun splash, dunskin, amber champagne dun, amber cream champagne 

  3.13 % - Palomino, gold cream champagne dun, gold champagne, sorrel, gold champgane dun, dunolino, red dun, gold cream champagne

  1.17 % - grullo, smoky grullo, classic cream champagne, classic champagne, classic cream champagne dun, black, smoky black, classic champagne dun



IT'S A BOY! - Topsail Cool Cody




3. Flamboyant Quixote x Kernow Icicle


Possible colors of foal:

  3.13 % - Red dun, sorrel, palomino, dunalino, classic or amber champagne dun, smoky black, buckskin, amber cream or classic cream champagne roan, smoky grullo roan, dunskin roan, classic champagne, amber champagne, grullo, bay dun, classic champagne or amber champagne dun roan, smoky blue roan, bucksin roan, classic cream or amber cream champagne dun, black, bay, classic champagne roan, grullo roan, amber champagne roan, smoky grullo, bay dun roan, blue roan, bay roan, dunskin 



IT'S A GIRL! - Flamboyant Ice