22nd January 2018 


The countdown is running for our beautiful Dash... Only a few weeks left until she gives birth to her second foal. We can't wait to have this baby on the ground! And after Dash all the other girls will come in a row: Moonie in April, Kat, the old lady in May and finally Scoot in September (she unfortunaly lost her pregnancy in the early weeks and due to a successful rebreeding she will have a kinda late foal this year). 

We have tons of plans for 2018, some of them are already in progress, a few of them in planning status yet. But all look very promising! Details will be shared later!

We have carefully chosen and booked the stallions for this year as well, the page of Breedings 2018 is under construction! :-) 




12th June 2018 


I have not updated our website for a very long time now, my bad... But then it is time to catch up! Lots of things have happened recently... First of all, a change in the broodmare band: Scoot, confirmed in foal, moved to Germany. Shortly after it we welcomed a new gold champagne dun girl from Belgium: Darling Champgane Mgr, in foal to IJ Rocky Steeldust. The girls gave birth after each other, beginning with Dash on the 23rd March, giving life to an awesome gold champgane roan (tested) colt, Cowboys Caramel Bar, who was sold at the age of 5 weeks to Germany. She was followed by Moonie, giving birth to a black princess: Cowboys Diamond Chex, who was sold at the age of 3 weeks to Hungary. Then came the new girl, Darling, giving birth to a bay dun girl, Cowboys Poco Breeze and finally Kat, carrying her load 2 weeks more, when eventually showed us her pride: a bay dun filly Cowboys Poco Copycat, being an almost exact copy of her mom, Kat. :) So here they are, from left to right: Cowboys Caramel Bar, Cowboys Poco Breeze, Cowboys Diamond Chex and Cowboys Poco Copycat.